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nuru massage manhattan

As in many other health systems of the East, the concept of restoring energy balance is used in Thai massage. According to the ideas of Thai healers, energy circulates in the human body through numerous energy channels. In all systems, it is believed that the underlying cause of all physical and mental diseases are disturbances that occur in the channels during energy circulation. With the elimination of energy imbalance, the cause of the disease also disappears. Services in the salon nuru massage manhattan.

Pressing on special points lying on the projections of energy channels, and deep work with muscle tissue removes obstacles in the way of energy movement and activates its movement. Thanks to this, a full-fledged energy balance is restored, which means that all the conditions are created for gaining health and well-being.

Nura practitioners use a tasteless and transparent lotion that is made from seaweed leaves. The gel is applied manually, throughout the body of the client and the masseuse. During the massage, participants will try to get the greatest possible physical contact, massage therapists often use their entire body and even touch the face. Strong tactile sensations give their effect and help relieve stress.

Nuru massage is legal in Japan, as well as in some cities in Canada, Europe and the USA. Formally, such a massage is not prostitution or sexual service (since there is no sexual intercourse). However, often the nura ends with full sexual intercourse.