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universal knife sharpening

Not everyone can sharpen kitchen knives. The main thing when sharpening is not strength, but the ability to properly withstand the angle of sharpening, so that the knife remains sharp for a long time. And this is not always the case with ordinary knife sharpeners.

The company Resharp offers a universal sharpener that will help sharpen knives with the correct angle of sharpening easily and simply, without any special effort. The sharpener has two nozzles for sharpening the smooth and wavy blades of knives. With the help of universal sharpening for knives are sharpened and the knife is ground.

Universal sharpener is designed for long-term use without sharpening, since they practically do not dull. Universal knife sharpener suitable for right-handed and left-handed. In the folded state is very compact, takes up little space. Antiskid legs on a cover and the basis provide stability of a product on a working surface.

The product is absolutely safe in operation due to the protective cover and ribs that protect the fingers when sharpening knives. Warranty: the company provides a warranty on the functionality of the product, which provides for the replacement of the product if, if used correctly, the product was used at home, factory-made manufacturing or material defects were identified.